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Tucson Jewelry Show 2018



Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show : A Show like no other!

According to officials, it's estimated 55,000 people will fly into Tucson over the next two weeks and another 30,000 will drive.

If you are planning to go to the Tucson Jewelry and Gem Show for 2018, get ready for a treat.
There is nothing like the annual Tucson Jewelry Show in Arizona than any other show in the world!

How Many Beads Do You Need?

How Many Beads Do You Need?

When buying beads it is so important to know how many you will need.  This depends on the size of the beads and the length of the bracelet or necklace.  The smaller the bead the more beads you have to buy.

Please use this chart to assist your beading needs.

Thanks and hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!

Coachella Fashion Trends Bring More Brand

Looking for more Coachella? Well just in case you missed our quick Coachella Jewelry trends - you can get a quick run of us revisiting Coachella Fashion Trends.

Tribal, mosaic, western, headbands, hats, rings, rings and more rings, cut off shorts, more cut off shorts, sunglasses, cowboy boots, silver, turquoise, and crystals.
What did we miss?
You almost get that Southwestern feel right?

But really what's going on among Coachella style?
Well, this year is certainly all about short shorts and sandals, but is anyone noticing anything?

Coachella Jewelry Trends

In-short: Beads, bangles, bracelets, bibs, necklaces, knots, scarves, leather and baubles.
I guess. Yeah.
Well, like it or not, Coachella is back. And it seems to echo the middle-aged bohemian fashion world big time.
This year isn't much different than the rest or the last few years essentially.
But a bit more progressed, more commercial, and the retail brands are honing in.
There's no doubt there's a certain "look" for coachella. All you have to do is Google 'Coachella' and sure enough all the green-grassed new age hippie gentrified peeps come up.
Or Google 'Coachella Trends' for an even more fashion-wise perspective.

CGM Findings New Arrivals and Monthly Specials

Check out our New Arrivals and Monthly Specials currently.

We have a new earwire.

Our Tree of Life charm is amazing and rectangle pave connector is also super.

For 30 years we have been bringing you great deals on jewelry findings. With our Monthly Specials to new arrival of over 16000 products in stock.
If your looking for something you don't see, don't hesitate to call and ask about something that might work for you.
We stock out-of-the-ordinary jewelry findings and even fabulous gemstone beads.
Check out our online catalog or call and order a catalog to be sent to you.

This month stock up on gold spring rings or silver filled jump rings at the right price!


CGM Findings articles about the Tucson Gem Show

CGM Findings articles about the Tucson Gem Show:

The following are articles that we have written on the Tucson Gem Show. This year we will be at the G&LW Tucson Show / Holidome - Ballroom 40 Come join us for great Tucson Show Specials and discover creative ways to expand your jewelry line. These are listed from old to new - so if you want the latest articles start from the bottom. We are in the process of consolidating all this information in a three part print out which will be published shortly.

Tucson Gem Show 2017

It's that time of year and we all know what that means.
Chaos. Chaos. and more Chaos.
Combined with a lot of great Tucson Show deals and an insane amount of merchandise to cover.
The breakdown of the amount of vendors from over 44 entire Tucson Shows is extensive to say the least.

Is it worth going? Absolutely. 
As Barnum and Bailey might have put it - There is simply - No other Rock and Jewelry Show on Earth.
It is the granddaddy of all Events for the industry a complete scale of over 44 extensive shows!

The One Page Tucson Gem Show Guide for 2017

Tucson Gem Show

This guide will help get you started on your trip at the Tucson Gem Show. These are just some of the basic links of information your going to need to help you to guide and navigate through the show. With just enough information to get by, all on one page. Print this out or follow the links to obtain the information you need to custom fit your trip.

G&LW Show Holidome - 2017


G&LW Show / Holidome & Gem Mall
January 28 - February 8, 2017
(CGM Findings will be at the Holidome Show January 28th - February 5th)

Frequently Asked Questions about the  G&LW Show.

The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt continues

The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt continues! Jan. 28 - Feb. 12, 2017
Every year Tucson, Arizona gets transformed in the most interesting, amazing and in-depth gem and mineral convention in world history. It's so monumental there is no other rock show, convention, or trading place that even compares to the Tucson Gem Show.
In the jewelry and rock and mineral industry this show has played a major role in over 60 years.
To get an idea of the scope one must look at a aerial view of the over 45 complete separate shows plus the attendance to make up the entire coarse and spectrum of the Tucson Gem Show.
The Tucson Gem Show is such a colossal event it is almost impossible to cover everything in one attendance visit.

New Servers Over the Holidays!

We've been so busy we forgot to say Happy Holidays!

This year CGM Findings has successfully migrated over to better stable and faster servers!
Happy New Year!
This is going to ensure a more secure, faster and strong web experience with CGM Findings for 2017!

We're now happy to announce we are hosted with RackSpace.

It took a while but now we have completely migrated so now we are better than ever.

At CGM Findings we have done everything we could to make your online shopping experience more dependable and rock steady.

Our Pick of Top Fashion Jewelry Designs from New York Fashion Week

Based on a article / slideshow from Elle who this year have highlighted some amazing fashion jewelry at New York Fashion Week, we share our favorites.
First off, we have to point out what we have been saying all along so far:

There is certainly room for jewelry design in the fashion world and we are starting to see a trend of more jewelry application into the fashion design itself with Fashion Week.

In other words, key designers see a open door to not only add jewelry design as a option into their overall design theme, giving and leaving them more options to expand, create, outside the four walls of traditional minimalism. But also the brand execs and CEO's are realizing it's good money expanding jewelry and accessories into the sales line.
So far we are seeing more fashion accessories merge into the 2010's and honestly we hope we see more.

Wholesale Gemstone Beads, Pearls, and Beading Supplies

purple beadsMany people overlook our Wholesale Gemstone Beads & Pearls that we have in stock and bring to the Tucson Gem Show.
We have a whole section for Wholesale Beads and beading supplies.
We're very popular for Pearls and they do sell fast!
But we also stock everything from raw diamonds to amethyst beads to Riverstone. So many exotic beads in different colors with such a big price variance to choose from.
Strands of beads go from anywhere like $2 to over a $1000.
So many and so beautiful they are a sure fire way to create something amazing to your jewelry line or project.

The Color of Amethyst

amethystAmethyst is a semiprecious stone. Structure Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz (SiO2) and owes its violet color to irradiation, iron impurities (in some cases in conjunction with transition element impurities), and the presence of trace elements, which result in complex crystal lattice substitutions. The hardness of the mineral is the same as quartz, thus it is suitable for use in jewelry.

More Interesting Rocks and Minerals

green rockIn our last article we discussed What Makes Rocks so Interesting?
Finally, we got to talking about just SOME of the amazing rocks and minerals around the world.
It's no wonder that people love to collect rocks so much. Nature is amazing and rocks are no exception.
So let's just scrape a few more amazing rocks up at random. Maybe later we'll cover rocks by category, like importance, color, etc.
First, let's cover some amazing color rocks. This green rock below left  is an example of elbaite, a species of tourmaline, with distinctive color banding.

What Makes Rocks so Interesting?

CinnabarRocks sure are interesting. At least millions of people around the world think so. Also thousands of people who still today attend The Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase every year where tons of rocks and minerals get put on display covering an entire city.
Since our known Prehistoric Period before 4 century B.C. people have been fascinated by rocks and minerals using them for tools, hunting, structures, jewelry ornaments, and been intrigued.

Some Interesting Facts about Gold

native goldA yellow precious metal, the chemical element of atomic number 79, valued especially for use in jewelry and decoration, and to guarantee the value of currencies.

Some Facts about Silver

silver crystalThe crescent moon has been used since ancient times to represent silver.

Pure silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity of all known metals, so it is sometimes used in making solder, electrical contacts and printed circuit boards.
Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum a thousand part fineness of 925.
Silver is used in water purifiers to prevent bacteria and algae from growing in the filters. The silver catalyzes oxygen and sanitizes the water, replacing chlorination.  
Silver also is used in the medical profession because of it's anti-bacterial properties.

What makes up Metals?

Iron OreMetal material is raw from soil or rock minerals which was formed at a very early stage of the Earth's development millions of years ago. 
Most of these elements are heavier than helium and can be synthesized at high temperatures over long periods of time.  These conditions are found within some types of star. When a supernova explodes these heavier elements, including metals, become dispersed. After millions of years the materials may form new stars and planets. 

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