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Basic Jewelry Making Tool List - Get Started

A Complete Basic Jewelry Making Tool Kit for Beginners



How to Photograph Jewelry the Inexpensive Easy Way

lighting jewelry  
There are many tutorials to photograph jewelry.
We are going to cover a method designed by a professional but instead of using high end big budget photography equipment, we are going to use basic household materials.
The technical principles used in this tutorial are the same as when having access to fancy lights, tables, a studio and photo equipment. This tutorial is not about photography hype. It's about teaching techniques and principles that can help you discover good core photo calculations that get correct results.


10 Easy tips to help you Buy Jewelry Supplies

jewelry design

Here a few simple tips for Helping you get the Best Deals with Jewelry Supplies.


1. Refine a Design

Some people actually still use and for good reason, simple sketches for their jewelry designs. 

Why wouldn't you? A pencil and paper and boom your off and running. No need to back up your hard drive.
Plus just scan (which is easier to find,) and keep your ideas together for further development.

Have a refined jewelry design or at least "narrowing" down...  What you need to complete a design or "complete" piece of jewelry will help you.

Plus, ... it also helps you ...

Milan Fashion Week gets Pretty Impressive

CGM Findings made overall prediction for the 2016 Ready to Wear Fashion Week circuit. As before some of the other Fashion Week's beside New York Fashion Week have come through and delivered big on the fashion market. This season Milan Fashion Week has proven most impressive as the most outstanding in deliverable goods to the fashion industry.

With so many designers at Milan this year, along with a major push on elegant trend, Milan has just over taken Fashion by design via amazing work.
The fabrics, textile designs, and cuts are not only wearable but lush with richness. All with enough freshness to start a new summer wave in 2016.

So many great looks from Milan, it really has clearly outdone, London Fashion Week and even New York Fashion Week this season.
Of course, highly debatable, but the clear answer is proof on the runways.

First Day of Fall - Tucson Gem Show is Near


Autumnal Equinox

The first day of fall is upon us today according to Google.


Fashion Week's Eye Before the Storm

What happened to Fashion Week?

  With the Men's Collection circulated and out, it seems a somewhat empty space for now, but "oh in September."DKNY Somethings brewing in the lerks as top designers are shuffling their next move. And for good reason.

Jewelry Supplies Shop for Jewelry Making Wholesale

For 28 years CGM has been selling jewelry findings worldwide - wholesale to the jewelry industry.

CGM Findings is one of the leading companies in jewelry findings. We have the best quality, lowest priced, wholesale jewelry findings with the largest selection.

We stock over 16,000 items in inventory to meet your exact jewelry production needs.

Druzy Quartz Selections for Jewelry Making

If you  are looking for Druzy Quartz findings, connectors, pendants, earrings and a whole lot more, CGM Findings is your one stop shop to get all the Druzy Quartz you need. Plus get jump rings, jewelry chain, and clasps at a super low price all in the same online store.

It's so easy to order from us, just browse through our large selection and check out!

Choose from plenty of shipping options, get everything at wholesale, call us if you like for friendly service - we'll be glad to help!

CGM Findings New Jewelry Supplies and Specials bring Value

silver tubes

Whatever your looking for in jewelry supplies, chances are we have it.

Check out this month's New Arrivals and Monthly Specials.

This month we have many new Druzy Quartz added in many different colors.

Choose from all silver druzy connector or pendant or rich blue. Either way you'll find druzy quartz in different colors, shapes and sizes at CGM Findings.

Jewelry design fun with tumblr

Our new tumblr blog seems to be a big hit.

Check out fun, fashion, jewelry design and inspiration. Join us on tumblr for eye candy and trends. What's happening in design and neat things to look at. 


CGM Findings carries 26 pages of Sterling Silver Findings

At CGM Findings, we are known for a huge selection of silver findings in our catalog and inventory.

Jewelry Supplies with Selection with over 16000 Jewelry Findings

sterling silver sheet

At CGM Findings we stock over 16000 jewelry supplies to help you get your creative life simplified. 

Whatever project you are working on, CGM Findings has what you need to make your jewelry production complete.

Either make your life simple by choosing the basics - some chain, some charms, some wire, some beads and a pendant.
Or, get more sophisticated with the seasoned pro by choosing sterling metal sheets, jumprings, wire, beads, and multi hole connectors.

Wholesale jewelry findings with Quality, Price, & knowledgeable friendly Service.

Outstanding price, quality findings, knowledgeable friendly service.

wholesale silver
Finding the right findings that you depend on for your production jewelry on a daily basis is as important as you are.
Prompt response, fast shipping, easy to find, variety, choices, and options at a phone call are critical.
Both not only for yourself with peace of mind, lower stress, smooth production, and of course, for your company to get orders met, customers fullfilled, and deadline met on time.

Finding the right source for jewelry supplies and unique findings is critical to the success of many businesses who depend on us.

We Stock a Huge Selection of Jewelry Making Wire at Wholesale

Whether you are looking for silver, gold, square or half-hard, we have it all - for less!

sterling silver wire

Popular Gold Filled Findings Increasing Selection

gold filled beadsgold filled charmsOur gold filled chain is very popular not only for it's price but for it's awesome look.
You get well priced chain that looks good and has great wear.
Once people order them once, and try them out, they get hooked.

Silver Chain with Major Wholesale Discount at CGM Findings

silver filled chain wholesaleWholesale Silver Chain is what we are known for.

CGM Findings is often brought up for our super deals on discounted silver chain by the foot at wholesale.

Actually, a lot of people buy from us, or even come to us - just for the chain.

It is true, we do have excellent deals on wholesale chain by the foot.

Not only do we have a low wholesale base rate on jewelry chains but we have a great variety and selection on all the

common chains that people know, buy and love, but also many chains that are no-so-common.

Sterling Silver Bali Beads in Different Styles

silver bali beadsOne of our top selling line of findings are our Sterling Silver Bali Beads.

We have such a nice array of different bali beads that add style to every beading project or jewelry that needs a spacer with flair.

Pave Diamond Beads at Wholesale Prices

pave diamond beadAt CGM, not only do we have Pave Diamond Beads at Reduced Prices, we also have a huge selection of amazing pave diamond findings that make it easy to find pave components to fit any project.

Add a little Pave sparkle to your next jewelry design at the right price!


Pave Diamond Beads and Findings are a great way to add a very attractive highlight or center attraction to any jewelry project.


International Gem and Jewelry Show San Mateo


International Gem and Jewelry Show

CGM Findings will be at the International Gem and Jewelry Show in San Mateo on April 3rd to the 5th - Booth 5002.

That means major discounts and deals on wholesale jewelry supplies in person!
Meet us in person, browse our beading supplies, and look at all our jewelry findings.

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