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Sterling Silver Findingssterling silver wire    Best prices on Sterling Silver Wire.    Jewelry Findings at Wholesale

Save Time and Money with Assembled Jewelry Supplies

Many people like HandMade and we do too.
That's why we even have many jewelry making tutorials in our Jewelry Making Helpful Hints that show you how to make your own jump rings.
Everyone has a different level of time and dedication they want to put into each jewelry piece or jewelry line they sell.

But what a lot of people don't know is that quite often there are some 'convenient' jewelry supplies that may make your life more productive and save time.

For example, we have excellent leather cords with set clasps that come complete,
ready for you to design from there, put your own charms on or make your own.

Access 16000 Jewelry Supplies on One Page with our SiteMap

CGM Findings SiteMapLooking for a certain jewelry supply in a hurry?
Already know what you want or what you are looking for?
CGM Findings has a convenient SiteMap page that lists all it's products and categories on one page.
It is direct access to 16000 jewelry supply products broken down by type of metal, Plus our entire line of wholesale beads.

It is very useful when you are looking for a particular set of items such as earwires, leverbacks, or jump rings.

Just choose the type of jewelry supply you are looking for, the type of metal, whether it is silver or 14k gold,

Silver Chain at Wholesale with Pyrite

pyrite silver chain wholesale

silver pyrite chainCGM now has new pyrite silver chain and also gold chain with pyrite by the foot.

Enjoy the different pyrites we now have in stock in silver and gold. Perfect for just about every jewelry project, Pyrite is just about one of our most popular items.

One fact is clear. Pyrite is just so darn popular with us here at


More Jewelry Making Tutorials and Helpful Hints

We have found some new jewelry tutorials and helpful hints that again are some great ideas that always help out thoughout the workday.

Some ideas we found inspiring :

Like this simple copper patina recipe using common household ingredients.

copper patina recipe


Like this example jewelry studio layout plan.
It even has a downloadable pdf of the plan so you can easily print it out.

Highlights from Jewelry Making Tutorials and Helpful Hints

bench pin u braceJewelry Making Helpful Hints

CGM Finding's archive of helpful jewelry making information all in one location.
A great place to pick up hours of jewelry making information for free.

Recently we added some interesting information about Helpful Hints at the jewelry bench.

Fortunately there is a lot of information out there - The problem is the good stuff is hard to find.

New useful Jewelry Findings just added

pave connectorWe have added more gemstone pave connectors that look great. These are a great way to add color and sparkle to something your working on that could use a fancy connector, but at a very affordable price.

For deals on Jewelry Tools Check out our Tools Section

silver jewelry making wireAt CGM we have all the tools you need to refill a lost set of pliers or beading board, to a whole selection of jewelry making books.

In a need for a new set of pliers? Order one with your next order conveniently get a missing tool you may have, including glues, Sunshine Polishing Cloth at wholesale,

and Including a huge selection of leather cord and silk thread for beading.


Jewelry Design and Trends 2014-2015

For 2014 jewelry design in Fashion is paving the way in style and the fashion trends for the future.

As we approach Summer and the round off of 2015 for the fashion world we see bold strong addition of statement jewelry to fashion looks.














Here we see a fashion line for Celine for Fall 2014

Free 106 page Jewelry Supply Catalog for our customers

CGM Findings Free 106 page color jewelry supply catalogCGM Findings has a free 106 page full color jewelry supply catalog for every customer that registers for a account with us.

[copy of valid resale permit or federal EIN number required since we are a wholesale only company]


Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2014 are Back.

color fashion jewelryWhen it comes to fashion jewelry trends 2014 seems to be a year of movement towards towards the future.
Wanting to push forward and etch the new trends that will be forged over the next 10 years.
The edge of what will be within the next decade and turning point in the fashion jewelry design era.

Gemstone Jewelry Supplies : Connect Your Color Inexpensively

What color are you looking to Fill?
If you are color matching or designing jewelry for color - we have the jewelry supplies for you!
We stock pages of different color gemstones connectors that close that missing gap of finding the right jewelry making part to
to complete your design idea. 

Jewelry gemstone connectors are very simple to fasten or add to multiple jewelry projects because :

- They are so easy to add to existing jewelry components.
- We have so many colors for you to choose from.
- They make jewely projects look great!
- They are very inexpensive!


Sterling Silver Charm w/Pave Diamonds On Special

Our new featured item on special now is 

Sterling Silver Charm w/Pave Diamonds Disc 6mm

Featured Online Special

It's a great little item at a great price.

A nice way to add a little charm to something to add that special touch.
Finish it off with a touch of pave diamond. With this charm, even though for it's size it's small,
it's just enough to add that little charm of pave diamond taste. 

Reviewing some of our CGM jewelry design Favorites

One of our latest finds is work by Richard Menyhart a young jewelry designer from Hungary. His bold yet simple style usually has hard edges, cold metal, silver and unique, yet very simplized design. One look and you will see it's distinct style. 
jewelry design













Quality Silver Chains in different Styles

vintage jewelry fashionWe stock a large selection of Silver Chain wholesale to jewelers and jewelry makers, along with Wire - The core items to jewelry designers and jewelry makers who need not only a lot of the basic supplies like: wire, chain, beads, leverbacks, jump rings, toggles, earwires and so much more!

So next time you need core jewelry supplies: such as jewelry wire, jewelry chain, clasps, and beads, then order with online and enjoy the benefit of ordering from over 16,000 jewelry supplies and accessories. Including jewelry glue, jewelry making books, gemstone beads and a huge catalog of jewelry findings.

We Stock a Large Selection of Silver Beads, Gold and Gemstone Beads Wholesale


CGM stocks a huge selection of findings and gold and silver beads at wholesale. 


We stock :


Take advantage of our Online Specials

 Our online specials are updated frequently so check back, register today and save on all your wholesale jewelry supply needs.


Featured Specials go on special randomly and feature a particular item that goes on special for a certain time.

gold filled bead hoop

Jewelry Supplies for every need in One Place at Wholesale

jewelry findingsIf you depend on jewelry supplies to keep your jewelry company in check then it just makes good sense to count on a company that their primary business is just that - Providing unique jewelry findings and jewelry supplies to the jewelry professional for over 27 years.


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