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Silver Toggles are on Special at CGM Findings

Our New Featured Online Special is 

cgm findings featured item

Always check back for online specials as we often change our Featured Specials every two weeks to 30 days.
You never know what it might be and sometimes it means great savings on that one item you can use for your next jewelry project.

This month we have silver heart toggles that are perfect for a great beaded necklace and fit the style for many things, bracelets and other neat uses.
These truly are a nice item in sterling silver at an even nicer price so take a look and order a few to try them out.

Creating amazing gold objects through Science

Science World has created something amazing in gold.
They have taken 2 ounces of gold and plated a billboard that is 200 square feet.
In the summer of 2010 they created a gold billboard for promotion of a exhibit.
2 oz gold covers billboard
22 Karat gold billboard - Bling! Bling!

Some good tips on Starting a Jewelry Business

Thinking of starting a jewelry business?
Robin and Tracey over at the flourishthriveacademy have made a very nice short read on their website that asks :

Jewelry Designers, Do you make these same mistakes in your jewelry business?
They seem so basic, but yet, we sometimes need a reminder - a list; since as basic as they may be, at least being aware of simple business decisions may help in the long run.

pave diamond star

The latest trends in bead supplies goes fast.

druzy quartzThe latest trends in bead supplies goes fast. 
It seems that whenever we get them in - they sell out fast!
One of the not-so-latest crazes is druzy quartz
Druzy quartz is a no-brainer. It's still very much in fashion and well wanted in jewelry supply.
In the past we have had some amazing druzy quartz, brilliant in color, rainbow, and sparkley as they are.
When we do they sell out like hot cakes.

Jewelry Supplies: Why is choosing the right wholesale jewelry supplier important?

Why is choosing the right wholesale jewelry supplier important for jewelry supplies?

One might laugh and think, is that a trick question? But no, it's not.
Were serious. Think about it. Finding the RIGHT company to purchase jewelry supplies from is VERY important.

Timeline History of Jewelry Findings

This general overview and timeline of jewelry findings gives you an idea of the evolving changes in jewelry making, art, and history. Just as the history of the art world changed through different periods of style and creation, so did the need for jewelry. Even to this day, it is changing so fast to the rate of latest trends and ideas. Which makes present day a remarkable world we live in.

Jewelry Making Terminology


Jewelry Making - Get Inspired and Learn at The Ganoksin Project

The Ganoksin ProjectThe Ganoksin Project is an amazing website for the jewelry community and jewelry making, informing and educating since 1996.
If you have never visited Ganoksin, as a jewelry maker, or someone in the jewelry industry, you owe it to yourself
to discover and praise one of the most remarkable websites on the internet.

Jewelry Television Announces Key Finds from the Tucson Gem, Fossil & Mineral Show

JTV showcases upcoming trends from 'Rock Center'.

JTV scopes out the best new trends in gems.

We canvas the world to stay on top of emerging trends.

Knoxville, TN (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

CGM Findings will be at the Intergem Jewelry Show / LA Convention Center / April 11th-13th

CGM Findings will be at the Intergem Show at the LA Convention Center / April 11th-13th


We will be open for the public with many deals at the L.A. Convention Center.

Stop by and visit us.

Call 1-800-426-5246 for more information.


Modernist Jewelry Design in the 1940s and 1950s

Life in the 1940s to the 1950s was unique.
It was a time of growth, movement, luxury and change.

modern auto design

During that time, along with many industries and materialed fields such as furniture, aerospace, automobiles, and home design -
was a field that was drastlicly overlooked: Jewelry Design and the Jewelry Industry.

Jewelry Supplies on Special are hard to resist

It is April Fools and our new Monthly Bead Specials are posted!
No, there is no joke in these deals. :-) They just happen to be what's on special this month in our gemstone beads section.

Black Spinel Faceted Saucer 3mm to 3.2mm 14"


Master jewelry designer makes things Timeless.

No one knew, especially in the early part of his career, that one man, Rene Lalique, through his design skills, ability to reach masses, and create a world-wide business past his lifetime, would, in-fact - change the world.

But, during his era, that is exactly what he did.
Change the world.

rene lalique bracelet

New Style and Trends in Fashion


latest trends

Fashionista released their and Roopal Patel's picks on

 the new styles and fashion trends from this years Paris Fashion to most likely hit the shelves.

As pointed out, many shows or lots of designs that hit the runway are way out of line with the consumer market, but through the thick and thin of it all,
there is light at the end of the retail shelf.

Their findings of 20 provides a quick slideshow, which, looks in fact, like something buyable for 2014-2015.

One thing to remember is what buyers and stores stock in fashion, leaves a open range for design in the jewelry market to match.

If bright colors and curves are in, gothic black may be out.

Jewelry Shows for March and April 2014

MARCH 2014
Week of Sunday, March 9, 2014
Atlanta Craft Council Show
Friday, March 14 – Sunday, March 16
Location: Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta, GA
Gem Faire, Del Mar, CA
Friday, March 14 – Sunday, March 16
Location: Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA
Intergem - Chantilly, VA
Friday, March 14 – Sunday, March 16
Location: Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, VA

Oscars 2014 jewelry

The stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists are the unheralded heroes of the red carpet, but let's not forget about the ... bodyguards?

Our Tucson Gem Show Specials are STILL on Special until the End of February!

Every Month at CGM Findings we have Monthly Specials where our customers who have a online account can log in and discover new jewelry findings on Special every month.
Once a year, the month of February is SPECIAL, when we go to the Tucson Gem Show, we announce our Tucson Gem Show Specials.
Tucson Gem Show Specials are intended for the Tucson Show. They get announced the day of the Tucson Jewelry Show and those who
attend get first hand orders on the Tucson Specials.
But, like the Monthly Specials, often the Specials are extended until the end of the Month. Yes, February.
Something to keep in mind if you are looking for deals on findings every year.

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