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Amazing Things to Do while at the Tucson Gem Show

Did you know Tucson Arizona has All these Things to Do?


While your at the Tucson Gem Show, added activities to keep you busy to have fun won't be hard to find.
Arizona only became a state in 1912 but since then has become one of the most culturally rich cities of the West and a mecca for history buffs looking for a truly distinctive lens into America's past with lot's of things to do!

Some Interesting Fun Facts about Tucson, Arizona

Some Interesting Facts about Tucson, Arizona:


  Tucson gets 350 days of sunshine annually - more than any other US city. 


Tucson Gem Show is Right Around the Corner

The Tucson Gem Show is right around the corner and with a lot of new changes; Tucson 2015 is certainly going to prove to be a interesting experience.

With new shows being added, a slight move of location for the Holidome Show, a new over $15 million complex being built for Tucson, and a renovated Tucson Convention Center.
All for the Tucson Gem Show 2015!

Happy New Year from CGM Findings

happy new year cgm findings

Happy New Year from CGM Findings.

Thank You for your business & support during 2014.

We wish you a very happy, prosperous,
healthy and 
peaceful New Year from all of us at CGM.


Fashion Jewelry Design Trends in 2015


acrylic bangles

With the previews of top designers of 2014-2015 - definition for 2015 makes it's mark.

Even though some trends have shown a glimpse before in the past, they once again reappear with a twist.
One thing is for sure, jewelry design among the fashion world is still, certainly not going anywhere.

A percentage of many designers purposely choose to leave the accessory glimmer completely blank.
Leaving the emphasis on the clothing line design and warding off any attention to different directions.  


New Findings for your Treasure Hunt at the Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show

We've already talked about how excited we are to be attending the Tucson Gem Show once again.
We have lot's of Super Show Specials and new items coming up that we will have at the show this year.

pyrite pave

CGMs Holiday Schedule before the Tucson Gem Show


CGMs holiday schedule is that we will be open through the holidays for taking orders, however,
starting December 19th, the shipping department will be closed until January 5th.


Once shipping commences again, orders will be shipped out in the order they were recieved.

Black Friday Findings Going On Sale

Black Findings are IN! and they seem to be more popular than ever.

With the holidays coming up, it makes sense that they make perfect gift items for making jewelry happen.

black findings

This Friday, we'll be adding more Findings that are popular everyone seems to love.









At CGM Findings Our Jewelry Design Picks are Stacking up

cuff Peru 1950sOver at our CGM Findings Favorites page - Jewelry Design and admiration is Stacking Up!

If you take a look you'll find some of the most amazing admiration and collection of jewelry and jewelry design grouped together!

More Jewelry Supplies and Silver Chain

silver chain in different sizes


CGM Findings is famous for providing the jewelry industry with high quality silver and gold jewelry chain.

We have just added new silver and gold chain sizes 20, 24, and 30 inch to two of our famous satellite chains.

These chains are bright and very popular amoung our customers and because they come in all sizes,
plus look remarkable we sell a lot of those chains in different styles.

New CGM Jewelry Supplies Catalog Online

CGM Findings wholesale jewelry supplies catalog


If you are looking for wholesale jewelry supplies - we can help!

We have a new full color 90 page jewelry supply catalog.

Just recently we posted and have our new jewelry supply catalog online on our website.

You will notice it because it has a nice dark blue cover to it.

If you are looking for jewelry supplies nothing beats being able to browse our online catalog page by page.

#tucsongemshow Tips for World's Biggest Treasure Hunt

The World's Biggest Treasure Hunt will be
Jan. 31 through Feb. 15, 2015


At the start of every year, the #tucsongemshow happens all across town at more than 40 sites, from giant halls to hotels and sprawling camps of roadside exhibit tents with mineral trading, buying, and bargains. The weather is cold at night in the evening but hot during the day. Being prepared for the massive show with so many vendors and so much ground to cover is overwhelming, especially for the first time.

New Jewelry Findings Coming Out Soon in our 2015 Additions

trilly chainWe have some new jewelry findings coming out soon with a addition to our catalog.

A whole new section of additional items for 2015 for our catalog with some spectacular new jewelry findings you'll love.

Multiple full color pages to add to our already great catalog, loaded with new items for sale that are very unique and interesting.

Make sure you join us at the Tucson Gem Show as we will have that printed 2015 New Additions available there.

Tucson Convention Center get Renovated for 2015 Tucson Gem Show

Tucson Convention Center gets an Upgrade!


Since Tucson Convention Center received nearly $9 million for renovation in March, the TCC has regained its luster with 99 percent of the project completed. Tucson's 40-year-old convention center is once again a gem.

Jewelry Supplies for Every Need

Did you know we have 62 pages of silver findings in our full color catalog?
All of them at wholesale price.

The ability to take any of those 62 pages of silver findings plus other accessories we sell - anything from leather cord to another metal means you have the ability to make and create a huge amount of creative possibilities. Plus adding your own creations, design and style to each piece extends it even more. From hammered pendants to silver wire earrings. 

Exciting new Jewelry Findings coming to the Tucson Gem Show

druzy gold connector

From new druzy connectors to a whole lot more - we'll be arriving at the Tucson Gem Show
with fantastic new jewelry supplies at low cost.

The Tucson Gem Show is Gearing Up!

tucson geodesCGM Findings is gearing up for Tucson and the Holidays are upon us.

Last minute Holiday orders are rolling in and we are keeping up with shipping out orders.

Soon we will have everything together for the Tucson Gem Show coming up at the end of January 31st.

We are getting pretty excited about this years Tucson Show. With the new venue coming up for the Holidome Show - it now being around the corner from the Holiday Inn Holidome, in it's own nice laid out space to make it easier to get to all the vendors and layout. We'll be in the main ballroom area at booth #40 at the Holidome Show.

Tucson Gem Show the Most Amazing Show on Earth

Tucson Gem ShowIn Tuson, Arizona, every year, the most amazing gem show on earth takes place.

Even as someone quoted from Yelp about the Tucson Gem Show,
"I have been to the smithsonian museum's mineral wing
and they have nothing on some of the stones you can see here."

Hundreds of Silver Findings in our Catalog

At CGM Findings, we are known for a huge selection of silver findings in our catalog and inventory.

If you are looking for any type of silver jewelry component, chances are you will find it here.

We have a huge selection of toggles and clasps. Are well known for your huge selection of silver chain by the foot at great prices.

More Jewelry Supplies. More Selection.

pave diamond wholesaleWe are adding more items almost everyday - everything from silver pave diamonds to gemstone connectors.

You'll love the new items coming in and that get updated on our website everyday.

We have some new chains coming in also, soon to be posted.

These pave diamond items haven't been posted yet, but soon to be ...




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